College Hill Goes All Out For 2016 Halloween Block Party!

College Hill Goes All Out For 2016 Halloween Block Party!

Those who’ve celebrated Halloween in Wichita know College Hill is a hot spot for trick-or-treaters. A two-block-long stretch in College Hill, better known as Halloween Street or Trick-or-Treat Street, has it all, and we’re not just talking about pumpkins carved to perfection. Those who live in the area go all out for the spooky holiday, spending thousands in an effort to make sure the visitors leave happy.

Homes are decked out with cobwebs, light-up pumpkin patches, skeletons, pirate ships, and a incredible amount of inflatables and coffins. And what would Halloween be without a Wizard of Oz lawn display?

“Because this is the coolest place because it has so much stuff. It has more stuff than all the other houses,” said Isabella, a trick-or-treater.

Neighbors say they typically hand out candy to several thousand trick-or-treaters every year.

David Lawson that lives in the neighborhood claims: “We love to create a great atmosphere during the holidays, it makes everyone in the neighborhood, feel a sense of pride for our great city.”

Christmas is the next time that College Hill goes all out, with hundreds of thousands of those twinkling lights, up and down every block of the area.

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