Donald Trump Hair Halloween Costume Gains National Attention

Donald Trump Hair Halloween Costume Gains National Attention

Local Wichita mother Jessica DeVader has been creating costumes for her son Gage for years, but no one ever saw this coming…

The costume that is the talk of the Nation was modeled after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s hair. Jessica shared the photos of her son on Friday, and since then, it has been shared on social media. BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post have posted stories about the design.

KSN asked DeVader how she came up with the design.

“I was waiting on my husband to get his haircut several weeks ago when I was scrolling through news stories on my phone and there was this one story about Donald Trump, and I just started staring at his hair, trying to figure out what exactly was going on there when a light bulb went off. I started cracking up and my husband and hairdresser were like, ‘What is so funny?’ I said, ‘What if we have Gage just be Donald Trump’s hair!?’

The plans for the costume went into place.

“I had no idea how I was going to pull it off. So, I messaged my friend Rachelle, who has helped me the past couple years with the Zoltar and Sharknado costumes and she said, ‘Oh we can do that!’ So she came over and told me to get a big golf umbrella, and we should do the hair out of grass table skirts,” said DeVader.

DeVader and her friend Rachelle glued grass to the umbrella and used poster board for Donald’s ‘Make American Great Again’ hat.

“We covered the umbrella in Muslin because we were afraid the hot glue would melt the umbrella fabric. Then, we cut a hole at the top for his head to fit through,” said DeVader. “We styled the hair swooping it over and used Mod Podge to hold it in.”

The design paid off. BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post have posted stories about Gage’s costume.

“Gage is in fifth grade, so I wanted to do something really funny and really unique for this last year that he would be able to wear a costume to school. I just figured it would make our friends and family laugh. I never imagined it would blow up like it has,” added DeVader. “Political views aside, I do hope that people got a good laugh out of it. This country really needs to laugh right now.”

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