New Smart Technology Traffic Signals On Their Way To Wichita Streets

New Smart Technology Traffic Signals On Their Way To Wichita Streets

Are you tired of sitting at red traffic lights? Are you even more tired of sitting at consecutive red traffic lights, even when no other cars are around? Do you feel like the traffic lights are out to get you, always seeming to change to red right before you get there?

Good News!

City traffic engineers plan to install smart traffic signals in the three problematic areas. The smart signals will be able to communicate with one another and will ultimately allow drivers to hit more green lights in a row.

“Technology is now to where that signal in that particular area can teach itself what to expect, if you will, and help to program itself during certain times of the day,” said City of Wichita Engineer Gary Janzen. “To go beyond what we have tried in the past, we are taking one step farther now is to have the signals talk to each other.”

The signals will also be able to monitor vehicle numbers and make real time changes to avoid congestion when possible.

“An achievable goal on a traffic signal with timing 20 seconds is maybe to cut maybe a couple seconds off, possibly,” Janzen said. “We can save people. Time is money, right?”

The city council has approved about $500,000 for the capital improvement fund. The fund will be used to help pay for the smart lights and the installation of them.

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