Top 10 Things to Know about Wichitan Freddy Simon

Top 10 Things to Know about Wichitan Freddy Simon


Freddy Simon was born February 24, 1925.


Simon grew up on a farm near Colwich, Kansas where his dad owned Angus beef cows.


As Simon was growing up his family would have “Steakburgers” on Saturday evenings.


Simon’s mom put him in charge of making the family’s homemade ice cream. This is where steakburgers and custard became a family tradition long before it became a restaurant concept.


Simon joined the US Army as a young man and is a World War II Veteran. He received a Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his service.


Upon returning from the war he spent the next 50+ years working as a wholesale liquor salesman. According to son Randy Simon, “It was very competitive, and everybody had the same product and the same prices. The only way for Dad to succeed was to have a bigger smile than the other guy.”


Simon and his wife, Norma Jean raised their family in Wichita and still call the city home. Wichita is also where Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers was founded and is headquartered.


Simon’s sons, Randy and the late Bill Simon along with another business partner founded Freddy’s in 2002. Legend has it they were trying to decide on names. Freddy’s was on a short list of possibilities. The trio decided to visit the location for their first restaurant and decided they’d all write down what they thought the name should be. All three wrote down, “Freddy’s” and the journey began. There are currently 237 Freddy’s locations worldwide with more opening every month.


“Freddyisms” can be found on the company’s website and in the restaurants along with family photos. A “Freddyism” is a bit of wisdom from Freddy himself. “Take a few classes in public speaking and sales – regardless of your profession, you are always trying to sell something.” ~ Freddy Simon


To help Freddy celebrate his 92nd birthday the restaurants are offering chocolate or vanilla frozen custard in a cup or cone for 92 cents through February 26th. Cardboard cutouts of Freddy are in each location and customers are encouraged to take a selfie and tag it #HappyBirthdayFreddy.

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