Wichita Specific Solar Eclipse Questions: Answered!

Wichita Specific Solar Eclipse Questions: Answered!


What is a total solar eclipse? A total solar eclipse is when the moon moves between the sun and the Earth, darkening the sky so that stars and planets can be seen.


When does it begin? The start time for Wichita is 11:36 am on Monday August 21, 2017.


What time will Wichita hit peak obstruction? The peak time for Wichita is 1:04 pm, with 93% obstruction of the sun. This peak will only last for a couple of minutes, then the moon will continue on its path in front of the sun.


When will it end? The total solar eclipse will end in Wichita at 2:32 pm.


Why can’t I look directly at the eclipse? It is CRUCIAL that those wanting to experience take the proper precautions. There’s no pretty way to say it - the sun will essentially burn a hole in your eyeball, which will lead to a permanent blind spot due to the damage done to your retina.


How can I watch without glasses since the whole city is sold out? The Wichita Public Library downtown (223 S. Main St.) can help you out FOR FREE! This Saturday, August 19th from 10 am to 3 pm, the library will be teaching folks all about the eclipse. They will also be showing you how to make your own eclipse viewer! This come-and-go event will be in the children’s room and is for ages 5 years old and up.


Where can I go if I want to watch the eclipse with others? Exploration Place, Great Plains Nature Center, and KAKE TV are just a few of the places where you can watch the eclipse with fellow Wichitans! Please see our event calendar for further details.


What if I just want to stay home and have a solar eclipse party? Well, here’s a list of fun snacks and drinks to pick up to commemorate the event! - Sun Chips - Little Debbie Star Crunches - Capri Sun - Eclipse gum - Starbursts - Sunkist Soda


What if I’m 21 or older and want to add some adult beverages to my solar eclipse party? It's not day-drinkin if the moon's out, so here’s a list of drinks you can pick up for your party! - Blue Moon Beer - Moonshine Brand Beer - Corona (fun fact: the sun’s corona is only visible during a total solar eclipse – it’s the pearly glow that surrounds the moon)


What if I can’t get outside to watch the eclipse? Good news – even if you can’t get outside, you can still watch the solar eclipse! NASA will be doing a live broadcast of the eclipse that will include views from over 60 telescopes, aircrafts, and balloons!

To watch this live broadcast, visit NASA

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