Mario Day Hash – FMH3 #7

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Mario Day Hash – FMH3 #7 March 10 @ 11:00 am - 3:00 pm


  • March 10
  • 11:00 am - 3:00 pm


What: Mario Day Hash – FMH3 #7

Hares: Mario(Reverse Cockfather) and Luigi (STI)
When: 3/10/2019 prelube – 11:00:00 AM, Trail Starts at 12:00 PM
Where: Norton’s Brewing Company
Distance: 1.31
Shiggy: 2.62
Trail: A-A
Hash Cash:


Come out and celebrate everyone’s favorite Monkey whacking plumber, Mario. It’s March 10th and that’s a good enough excuse to put on your best Mario themed gear and day drink. We will be touring downtown Mario Land (ICT) stopping along the way to drink a fire (ball) flower or two, stick our tongues in a few Peaches (Brandy), but beware, Bowser has been messing with the pipes again and his Koopa Poopa (Malort) always gets mixed in with the good stuff.

This is a bit of a pub crawl with a trail. Costumes are encouraged (Nintendo or video game characters) but never mandatory.

We will be stopping in for a drink at a few places, so bring cash and an ID. Also, with shot stops along the way, eating before you head out is a great idea.

So what do you need?
Bring a sense of humor, a lack of morals and a desire to have fun. All are welcome at the hash, unless you are rapey. Also a whistle and long socks help. The whistle lets the pack know where you are if you are leading them, or helps them find you if you get lost. Socks are great shiggy repellent.

Disclaimer: We LOVE drinking, taking off clothes, and generally being a little crazy. We also have huge hard-ons for CONSENT. If you’re not sure, ask before you like. Sometimes things get weird; please come talk to Mismanagement about it. We want you to feel safe cumming over and over…. Also, you all are adults and whatever decisions you make are your own damn fault.

About Flying Monkey Hash House Harriers
We are a shiny new kennel created for hashes for special events. We are comprised of hashers from lots of other kennels (more than two is lots, mmmk?). Our focus is on dress runs, themed runs and the once in a while, special event focused hash. All are welcome, including witches from all of the directions.

Shiggy – Shiggy can be any of the following; tall grass, stickers, mud, poison ivy, bugs, lose dogs, randomly discarded furniture, tunnels and pretty much anything that makes you say, no way am I going through that.

Hare – The person laying the trail the hounds will follow. Generally an awful person who should never be trusted. The hare is a liar!

Hounds – The are the members of the pack following the trail laid by the hare. Runners, joggers, walkers, crawlers, rollers, etc. If you are capable of forward movement, you can be a hound and follow trail.

Hash Cash – Typically collected at a hash to help cover the cost of the beverages supplied by the hare or beer meister. In this case, the hare is gifting all of the lovely libations because you are all wonderful!

Hash Name – These are names given to hashers at some milestone. In some cases its after so many hashes attended, other require you to hare a trail, still others require you to do something memorable (see stupid).

On – this indicates you are correctly following trail.

On-On – Indicates you are also on trail. Typically the pack will shout R U? and if a lead hasher is on or has found trail, they will shout On-On to indicate they are on the right trail.

Marks – you will see marks on trail. This is what leads you along your quest for adult refreshments. True trails (only the hair can lay this mark) mean you are on. BN, beverage/beer near, this is the mark we have been waiting for. It means there are drinks near. ON-IN, end of trail and location for circle. There are more, but we will go over that in chalk talk before trail.

RA (Religious Advisor) – Has nothing to do with religion, they just run the circle. If the hare is the RA, they will typically have someone run the first part of the circle so they can get their time in the spot light.

Circle – This is where we gather after trail. The RA will call out the hare and others for honoring, making fun of and general debauchery. We will drink, sing songs and lie about stuff that happened on trail. At the end, we swing low and get on with the party.

More information (wow are you still reading this? Slow day on the interwebs?)

Hash House Harriers Wiki:

Hash House Harriers Video: