We would like to thank our local businesses and the following major sponsors for their yearly contributions, helping us do what we do for our community!

Joseph Hollander & Craft Defense Attorneys
SPLURGE Magazine
Sponsor Wichita.com

Wichita.com is a citizen initiated page designed to highlight Wichita Businesses, Wichita Events, and Wichita Pride. We have helped countless businesses with our social media marketing, online calendar, and website. For too long Wichita had a running joke of “nothing to do here.”

Frustrated by lack of cross promotional marketing and event promotion we set out to prove there’s always something to do in Wichita!

Our goal has been to change the perception of Wichita and let those that live, work, and play here know that they’ve picked one of the best cities in the country. You may have already noticed the perception is changing. From 2016 when we started as a Facebook page to 2017 when our website launched to 2018 where we’ve teamed up with several marketing leaders, we’ve seen the positive change. Wichitans have finally started to come together to make our community stronger by working together and celebrating the various events around town.

That’s where you come in, Wichita.com starts with you.

Wichita has a strong history of entrepreneurship and business success. With a sponsorship of Wichita.com we can continue our mission and help our small businesses succeed. This “We Rise Together” philosophy will allow corporate sponsors to help keep the Wichita.com initiative moving forward and further help bring awareness to our local community.

Sponsor Benefits:
1.  Aligning yourself with a trusted local brand, showing that your organization has local pride and cares about the local community as well.
2.   Access to our high quality video production/web develpment services at no cost.
3.  Have you ever wondered if your marketing is reaching the right people? When you sponsor Wichita.com you see first hand who has seen your brand/message. We guarantee a minimum amount of targeted brand/message views based on sponsorship levels listed below.

$20k = 250k views on brand/message, 0.08 cents per local targeted viewer
$30k = 500k views on brand/message, 0.06 cents per local targeted viewer
$40k = 1M views on brand/message, 0.04 cents per local targeted viewer
$50k = 1.5M views on brand/message, 0.03 cents per local targeted viewer

For more information on Sponsorship opportunities with Wichita.com, please feel free to contact us.

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